It’s a mod which adds more and more food, its french name is “Plus d’aliments”. It also allows you to farm red pepper and vine. When you start Minecraft with this mod, a config file will spawn in .minecraft/config. You will be able to custo...[Read More]

What’s the first word that come up to your mind when you think of an amusement park? The word that come up to my mind is the word “excitement”. With all the heights and speed come the excitement and fun! How great would it be to have those ...[Read More]

Do you like spending hours creating your own worlds in the immensly creative sandbox of Minecraft?  From custom programming, textures and Lego like block building there is an infinite amount of possibility in this level designers dream.  Wo...[Read More]

What’s the most valuable, yet something we waste so much in our lives? I say it’s time. There’s nothing more important and valuable than time. It is priceless! It’s sad how we sometimes spend it anyhow. We should make most of what we have! ...[Read More]

By reading the name of this mod, you might think it’s just another ordinary mod with pistons. Actually, you’re right. It’s just an ordinary mod with pistons. But those pistons are not ordinary pistons. In More Pistons Mod, you’ll have more ...[Read More]

This mod adds the wonderment of Meteors to the game! And it’s not just simply for aesthetics – A barrage of new features and ideas have been implemented that really help this mod stand out from the others! Meteors are a new idea and additio...[Read More]

Have you ever been out and about struggling to find an npc village? Well I sure have, it is such a pain exploring the vest endless world just looking for a tiny village hidden somewhere in the world. Wether it is in the dessert or the grass...[Read More]

Minecraft is known for some of the mobs that lurk at night, haunting your dreams and destroying your hard work.  However, after you get used to these creatures you might long for more variety, more weapons and more passive mobs.  This mod a...[Read More]

The vanilla Minecraft spider can often get lonely, and as an individual he is not such a deadly foe! But what if I told you there was a modification out there which expanded the developed the creepy crawlies in Minecraft! Welcome to the ‘Mo...[Read More]

Halloween may be long and gone, but that does not mean that we still can’t enjoy all of the freaky benefits within Minecraft does it? I don’t think so! Welcome to the Harken Scythe Mod, a modification which allows you to contribute to a vas...[Read More]

Have you ever been digging around at the lowest layers of your Minecraft world and get stuck with randomly generated and scraggly looking bedrock, disjointed and potentially fatal (if stuck near lava, making it hard to escape or similar sit...[Read More]

This little Mod adds two Campfire types to Minecraft. 1.With this Campfire you can burn Items in two burning slots, like in a furnace.You can only burn food and wooden stuff in it. Ores can’t be burn! You can also start this Campfire if you...[Read More]

Have you ever wanted a simple but effective mod that adds something terrifying to the game? Something deadly that will keep you glued to your chair? Well you are in luck my fellow Minecrafts… this is the John Mod! This mod was previously co...[Read More]

Decorating your home is something only very few players seem to put alot of effort into. However in saying this, there really isnt much to decorate with anyway. I suppose when minecraft was created it really was simple to break and place bl...[Read More]

The mod is CameraCraft, and already noticing by the name, you know this has something to do with cameras. If you thought that, you are correct. This mod allows you to take pictures, film your buddies, and share ‘em. Installation: Download a...[Read More]

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